Where the sea meets the sky, where business meets pleasure, where cosmopolitan meets East Coast charm. We’re proud to be part of this vibrant and diverse city. Welcome to Nova Centre, your new urban centrepiece.

More than just a structure, we aspire to bring our tenants and community together by creating an urban centrepiece—a crossroads where industry and culture flourish.

Inspired and shaped by our community, this one-million-square-foot mixed development is truly for everyone. A new convention centre, boutique hotel, and the business towers share space with restaurants, shops, and Rogers Square, a European-style shared street.

Nova Centre’s contemporary architecture pays tribute to our seafaring past, with the main tower resembling the rising sail of a ship arriving in the Halifax Harbour. The entire centre is being constructed sustainably—targeting LEED Gold certification—and this environmental awareness, smart technology, and modern design help lead the way to our bright, progressive future.

We live, work, and invest in Halifax. That’s why it’s natural for us to partner with as many other local businesses and organizations as possible in the development and operation of Nova Centre.

Nova Centre